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Sierra Meadows Foundation is a not for profit organization that exists to improve access to quality mental health treatment for residents of Fresno County. We know that those struggling with mental health conditions have enough barriers when they are in crisis, we don’t want finances to be another. At Sierra Meadows Foundation, we pursue community engagement and community partnerships to help financially assist in accessing treatment. Through donations, our community gives to those in need so that they can receive treatment free of financial burdens. Through community partnerships, our treatment centers and mental health providers agree to highly reduced rates so that Fresno residents are able to access care, regardless of ability to pay.

We believe that everyone deserves health and wellbeing and our goal is to help ensure that happens! 

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The 90% Goal

At Sierra Meadows Foundation our goal is that more than 90% of all donations go directly toward patient care and education!  


Mental healthcare in California has become so costly as to exclude most residents from being able to afford treatment without insurance. Most of those who are uninsured or underinsured suffer due to a lack of access to necessary treatment. At Sierra Meadows Foundation, we seek to eliminate the financial barriers to receiving quality mental health treatment. To do so, we depend on donations from the community and the generosity of our community partners. Each donation given to Sierra Meadows Foundation goes directly to the treatment of our scholarship recipients.  

Mental Healthcare Costs

When donating, we would like you to know average costs of mental health services in Fresno (please note that we have negotiated a significant cost savings with our generous community providers, meaning that each dollar you give is doubled or sometimes tripled due to our agreements): 

Residential Mental Health Treatment: $1,000 per day

Inpatient Detoxification: $1,200 per day

Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment: $1,000 per day

Initial psychiatrist visit: $400

Follow-up psychiatrist visit: $200

Individual therapy visit: $100 

Outpatient mental health program: $300 per day 

Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program: $300 per day

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